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We are one of the leading Top Audit firms in Dubai providing high-quality auditing and assurance services. Every business is one of a kind, but they all share similar audit and assurance requirements. In Dubai, every business requires an experienced auditor, not just someone who checks boxes and files checklists. When dealing with banks, investors, or partners, having a thorough, impartial, and independent audit can turn out to be advantageous for your business.

We run a thorough in-depth audit to help you to meet statutory requirements and regulations, for internal controls and business improvements, the credibility of your organization, and better financial decision-making.

We offer a range of auditing services, which includes-

  • Statutory Audit 
  • External Audit & Internal Audit
  • Financial Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Review Financial Statements and Operational audit
  • Information Technology Audit

Statutory Audit

A Statutory Audit, also known as a year-end audit, is a legally required review of financial statements in which the government bodies or financial institutions conduct an external audit to satisfy a particular pre-defined set of specifications.

In terms of regulatory requirements and accounting principles, we provide compliance services. Our unbiased assessments provide clients with insight into authentic and efficient financial reporting and control processes in order to boost their business efficiency. We assist you in meeting emerging demands and accounting standards. We have an independent assurance service that looks at whether the organization’s systems are up to snuff.

We provide accurate financial information in order to meet the needs and trust of the stakeholders. We use a risk-based auditing strategy. Internal and external records must be generated in order to facilitate the business’s transactions and to minimize the risk of fraud in the organization.

We provide financial reporting to the following companies:

  • Mainland companies
  • Free zone companies
  • Listed companies
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Bank and financial institutions/exchange houses

Internal Audit

Internal auditors are responsible for ensuring that all of these processes are in good working order. An unbiased review must be performed in order to enrich the processes and protocols that must be followed. It assists in the monitoring of possible threats as well as the implementation of corrective measures so that your organization keeps working like a well-oiled machine.

Despite the fact that each business is unique, they all have audit and assurance requirements in common. Every company requires an experienced auditor, not someone who simply checks boxes and files a checklist. When dealing with banks, investors, or partners, having a thorough, impartial, and independent audit is advantageous. In the United Arab Emirates, we have high-quality top audit firms and assurance services. We believe in getting to know our clients fully, including their market, organizational structure, and internal control procedures.

We provide the following Internal Auditing services:

  • Increasing efficiency in operational procedures
  • Increasing accuracy & reliability of financial records
  • Ensuring the safety of assets
  • Ensuring optimal utilization of assets
  • Discovering problems and determining their root causes
  • Assessing potential future risks and losses that could be incurred
  • Recommending corrective actions

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