Business and Financial Advisory

Finace Consultancy provides a complete range of Business and Financial Advisory services to start-ups as well as established organizations and companies of all sizes. All businesses whether small or big require good financial management and controls system

Finace Consultancy helps a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs

Feasibility Studies:

According to Stats, 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year. Various factors and reasons are responsible for this. Poor management, lack of planning, poor understanding of customer behavior, etc. are some of the reasons. We will help you set up your business. We will provide valuable insights for market analysis and give guidance in scaling your business.

Business Plan:

It is imperative that an organization must have great objectives and strategies to reach their targets and goals. They must also be proactive in drawing their operational plans, marketing plans, financial plans, etc. Finace Consultancy has a team of dedicated individuals that will guide and help you in creating these plans.

Our range of Business Advisory Services include:

  • Financial management consultancy
  • Operations Management consultancy
  • Internal & External financial re-construction
  • Advisory on Working Capital Management & Funds Allocation
  • Risk Analysis of Investments
  • Business and Corporate Restructuring
  • To build the right focus and enhance governance
  • Turnaround management of ailing companies
  • Study & Implement Cost Control measures and Policies
  • Guidance for Price Fixation

Do you want to manage your business efficiently and effectively?