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We are a VAT consulting firm in Dubai with comprehensive experience. For your Tax Consultancy services, We recommend you to choose an experienced and qualified company with over 10 years of experience. Value Added Tax (VAT) is often referred to as a general sales tax and It is an example of indirect taxation. Value Added Tax (VAT) is applied on purchases and sales of supply, goods, and services.

In the Gulf Cooperation Council, the government has identified VAT as an additional source of revenue (GCC).

Oil prices have been falling for many years, and the GCC countries have agreed to introduce taxes in order to diversify their revenue sources. Because of the new procedures and compliance requirements, many companies had trouble introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) when it was first implemented in the UAE.

Finace Consultancy helps you to manage the taxation structure and provides comprehensive best-in-class services in tax consultancy, vat consultants and accounting services in UAE.

We aim to assist our clients in achieving their objectives by raising awareness, and assisting them in developing and growing. When it comes to VAT incorporation, the tax agency plays a crucial role. Tax agencies will assist you with tax enforcement, completing your tax arrangement with the government, and representing you in business organizations.Tax laws keep changing from time to time, and having a grasp of the relevant laws is an absolute necessity.

Tax registration, tax review/audit, filing returns, and implementing accounting procedures for tax enforcement are only a few of the other services provided by tax agents. Since January 1, 2018, VAT has been in place in the UAE. The Federal Tax Authority will be in charge of managing and collecting federal taxes and fines.

They’ll also be in charge of tax revenue allocation and the execution of tax-related procedures in the UAE.


VAT Registration

VAT registration is required for businesses with annual sales exceeding AED 375,000. Companies with annual revenues between 187,000 and 375,000 would be able to apply for VAT within the first step of the registration process and it will help you to compete with some of the established players in the industry. Various documents are needed to verify the information. This VAT registration form must be filled out by an approved signatory of the business.


  • Quality services in taxation, finance, accounting & administration in the United Arab Emirates
  • Finace Consultancy will help them fulfill their tax obligations by representing a taxable person in front of FTA
  • VAT Registration formalities to authorities
  • Advisory services on VAT Implementation
  • Assisting in submitting a VAT return to ensure there are no errors
  • Guidance on Reverse Charge Mechanism for Imports
  • Guidance on VAT treatment for exports
  • VAT Training and Awareness sessions for your staff
  • Assisting in generating tax Invoices and tax credit notes
  • Review documentation in accordance with VAT law.
  • Mapping of Transaction
  • Helping in Constructing proper VAT Ledger(s)
  • VAT Implementation
  • Designing VAT structure based on your business profile

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